About Me

I am a homeschooled 14 year old boy living in Minnesota, and I love reading and programming. I had started hacking and modding Scratch at least a year ago, and am still doing it to this day. I hope to become a computer programmer when I grow up, and I love Scratch and its open source ideas!

About Zing!

I can't remember what my first hack was, but it was on a test copy of Scratch I had made. I never got around to deleting that copy, and it accumulated hacks, blocks, and mods like dust on top of a bookshelf, as I quickly became addicted to Squeak. After a while, I decided that pile of blocks (96% of which were useless) had to have a name besides "Scratch_1". So, it became Scratch+. It kept on accumulating hacks until I found that I had some neat features, handy blocks, and other useful things I thought the rest of the world might like to see. I decided to share it under the name "Zing!". This is the fruit of my labors.

About Scratch

Scratch is a free programming language for kids. Using easy to understand building blocks, anybody can create their first game, animation, or other program in just a few minutes! Learn more at the Scratch website.