Why does [something] say "Scratch+"?

Scratch+ was the original name of the mod. It was originally intended to be a personal mod, but I thought other people might like to use it. Since the Scratch ToS prohibits mods with names containing Scratch like (Scratch^2 and Scratch+), I had to rename it. At that point, though, I had already changed a bunch of stuff to Scratch+. I went through and changed most of it to Zing, but if I missed anything, submit it to me through "Contact the Dev" above.

Why are comments broken?

Sorry about that one. I don't know what happened, but at some point I broke something to do with the message "colors:" being passed in the addTopBar: method of CommentMorph. As a result, adding comments throws a Squeak error and trying to load a project with comments in it pops up a Scratch dialog with an error in it. If any of you experienced Squeak coders (read: nXIII, Jens, sparks, etc.) happen to stop by here, any help would be appreciated!

Why are some blocks gray?

Those are blocks that don't quite work yet. Most, if not all, will be working in Zing 1.1.

Why hasn't there been any new content on the site?

I've been busy working on Zing Windows! After that's released, I'll work on some new sample projects and such.

Can I get into the source code of Zing?

Seek and ye shall find. Shift-File menu works, too.

I absolutely need to find out about every single new feature in Zing! How can I do that?

Download the changes project from the extras page, then open it in Zing. You'll find a list of all the blocks that are new, and another list of all the other UI changes I've made.

What's up with the categories/blocks/background/whatever?

I changed some of the artwork to be more colorful and such, but if you don't like it, you can check out the extras page for the old images.

Are the projects I make with Zing compatible with Scratch?

It depends. Projects made with only blocks in normal Scratch are indeed compatible, but any projects made with blocks other than those in Scratch will not work - you can open them in Scratch, but any Zing blocks will show as red "obsolete!" blocks, and will not run.

Hey! Those are my blocks! I wanted credit!

Coming, coming. Remember, I had made this as a personal mod - so I didn't keep track of any credit. I'll do my best to put up a complete credits section soon. Sorry for those of you whose blocks I didn't give credit for yet - you can request credit on the credits page.