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I have very good news - Zing has finally been released for Windows!

I sincerely apologize for the extreme wait in releasing the Windows version, and as a bonus, I have added an extremely special feature courtesy of nXIII - a fully integrated, working update system.

You can now upgrade Zing! without having to uninstall and reinstall all over again. When a new version of Zing! is released, you'll have instant access to the new version by simply downloading a patch file and updating Zing! with it. Simple as that! With the patcher, you can also add new functionality - advanced blocks, new features, customizations, and even beta features!

For those who have a Mac and are interested in the patcher, the next Mac version of Zing! will be version 1.0.3 due to some unfortunate problems with the code.
I'm so sorry about the incredibly long delay in the Windows release of Zing. I have been working with my dad to try to figure these technical difficulties out, and have delved into registry entries and metadata in order to do so. Unfortunately, we have still not figured out the root cause of this problem, and are desperately trying to solve it.

However, I have some good news! I am happy to say that I have found a solution to the problem - and am releasing it very soon! By following a few simple steps, you can install Zing on your Windows machine in no time!

Watch the download page or this blog for more information - even better, sign up for the brand new newsletter on the download page!