Welcome to the Windows Installation Guide.

This is the installation guide for the Windows release of Zing! 1.0.1. Unfortunately, I can't make an installer for the program, but it's easy to install manually. This is the guide to install Zing! on your Windows Machine in just 3 easy steps.


Step 1: Download Zing!

Download Zing! onto your computer from MediaFire here.

Step 2: Copy the files.

In Windows Explorer, copy the folder named "Zing! 1.0.1 Windows" from the zip file you just downloaded into this path: C:\System\Program Files (x86).

Step 3: Create Shortcut and Run!

Right-click on the "Zing.exe" file and select "Send to>Desktop (create shortcut)". This will place a shortcut on your desktop for Zing! 1.0.1. Double click on this shortcut to launch Zing! Have fun programming with all the new features Zing 1.0.1 has to offer on your Windows machine!